BENGÁL Festival / Vizual Identity

Master thesis project:

(visual identity, promo, production, realisation)

I have chosen to write my thesis on the topic of the visual identity of a festival. The focus will not be to create in-depth scientific research or experimentation, but rather to develop a visual identity for an audiovisual festival. The task includes creating posters, fliers, teasers, Facebook promotions, and other advertising materials. An integral part of this thesis will be to create the festival organization and marketing. I would like for the festival to repeat itself, and sustain growth amongst its team member for the following years.

This thesis will be centered around the first edition of the Bengál festival. The event will take place on the island of Štvanice and in the areas around Vily Štvanice. During the day and evening, there will be performances, live bands, and DJ’s. Throughout the event there will be a display of various works of art.  The aim of the event is to show visitors the opposite of current digital festivals. This will be achieved through a minimal use of digital means, and a much greater emphasis on connection to nature.

The name Bengal refers to the beautiful Czech word that used to indicate all the colorful fireworks that were imported to us. It is an expression against the digitization of today’s times. The festival celebrates analogue time, return to roots, fire, wine and singing.

Silkscreen printings B1
Cards A5
Leyers A6
Jute bags
Jute flags
Photo campaign
FB event

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