A Laboratory On The Open Fileds

Collaboration with graphic design studio The Rodina (NL), 4+4 pantone, bioactive book.

A collection of plans, descriptions of art works, pictures of events, creative texts and drawings, made by an international group of artists about issues in environments and art. The initiative ‘A Laboratory on the Open Fields’ (ALOTOF) was working outside the general and accepted lines of conventional creativity, trying to investigate new forms and methods for an ecological media art. The booklet gives an insight into an intriguing world where objects, ideas, nature, and art are mixed from the start. It shows how exciting, inventive, and unacademic artistic research by artists can be. The editors and contributors, mainly from Belgium, France, and Czech Republic, created this selection of field notes, texts and images as an art book in-between an aesthetical object and an informative assemblage. Editors are Gívan Belá & Annemarie Maes.

You can purchase> http://www.merpaperkunsthalle.org/projects/view/1159

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